Bend the rules

ISKO ARQUAS™ merges woven technology performance with style. A revolution backed by the expertise of the global leader in premium denim, ISKO™.

ISKO™ brings groundbreaking innovation and textile technologies alongside its design center CREATIVE ROOM™, launching a platform that reinvents activewear.

ISKO ARQUAS™ activewear platform arises from the unique woven technology concepts patented by ISKO™ used in products that have already become cult items in fashion, such as ISKO FUTURE FACE™ and ISKO BLUEJYM™.

These developments are revolutionizing the fashion world by simultaneously offering woven technology, performance and style. ISKO ARQUAS™ is bringing remarkable comfort and freedom of movement and provides the added benefit of technology. These concepts have already been established as key elements and market drivers in “athleisure” and lifestyle and are now revolutionizing the performance wear market.

ISKO™ expertise

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ISKO™ is a company of SANKO holding and a leading worldwide manufacturer of denim.
With a wide range of innovative fabric technologies and products that meet the most diverse demands of the denim sector, ISKO™ is geared towards the market’s high end.

Having superior quality skills and expertise in superstretch and more complex fabrics, ISKO™ products are the woven materialization of ideas, that unveil an entire new realm of interpretation for fashion and activewear designers.

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